Welcome to the Colorado BioScience Associations thirteenth anniversary edition of Bioscience Colorado. This publication is a key resource for companies investors legislators and economic developers and has become the go-to source for our industry in the state. With a total audience of more than 7,500, including online impressions, this publication is one of the industrys greatest voices locally nationally and internationally.

In this years edition we are taking a closer look at one of our states greatest challenges Colorado is home to one of the nations fastest-growing Baby Boomer populations as well as one of the largest Millennial populations. Our industry is tasked with creating innovative means to serve the needs of both generations and improve the quality of life for people of all ages. This includes advancements in the pharmaceutical biotech and medical device fields but also the increasing role that mobile/digital health is playing in how we seek and receive care and how we define the value of medicine. In addition we investigate how Colorado companies and research institutions are uniquely positioned to offer assistance in combating the spread of pandemic disease including influenza, Ebola and Zika.

The life science sector is made up of 725 companies and growing. Colorado directly employs 28,000 people in the industry creating more than 156,000 direct and indirect jobs translating into more than 10 billion in payroll. The addition of global commercial companies to the Colorado community highlights the value that the state presents to companies looking for a highly educated workforce and a strong industry network. The Colorado BioScience Association is proud to serve as the hub of our states thriving bioscience sector building and fostering these relationships and advocating for the industry.

Colorado companies have created important life-saving drugs and medical technologies with more in the pipeline. We are proud to have continually grown the industry here and are excited for what the future holds.

Bioscience in Colorado truly is driving innovation creating jobs and improving lives!

Elevating the quality of life

Colorado bioscience: optimizing the future of health and wellness.

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Bioscience Colorado is an integral part of the Association’s mission to support the Colorado bioscience community through advocacy, resources and advancement of opportunities for collaboration. It reaches thousands of bioscience, economic development, legislative, university and industry leaders.