Job Seekers

"When I left Boston and moved to Denver, I also left the majority of my professional network behind. I joined CBSA to overcome the difficulties I encountered as a transplanted job-seeker trying to get my foot in the door of the medical device industry here in Colorado. I made several contacts at my very first meeting, one of which would become my employer a little over a month later, Evergreen Research, Inc. I can attest to CBSA’s networking value for job-seekers and employers alike, and I feel very fortunate to be a member of this association."  

- Jeffrey Brown, Mechanical Engineer at Evergreen Research, Inc. 

 CBSA offers job seekers several resources:

  • Post your resume at no charge- we receive a high volume of traffic for resume and job postings.  
    (Please read the disclaimers before posting.)
  • Contact a recruiting firm or workforce center- the following are industry experts and CBSA members.
    Aerotek Inc. 
    Green Key Resources

  • Connect with other members of our community via social networking (links at top right of page)- CBSA has a robust on-line network reaching thousands of industry professionals.
  • Join CBSA at the job seeker rate of $200 per year- membership includes a variety of networking events. (If you are considering attending at least four programs throughout the year, the annual dues rate will be comparable to the $50 registration fee per event.)  Please contact Tracey Nilson to activate your membership. 

  • Continuing membership- if you were employed by a CBSA member company, and are no longer, we will honor your membership for six months from the time of departure.    Please contact Steve Ambriz to review your specific circumstances.